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Just like any other marketing channel, it’s important for a writer to post quality social media content. Everything posted on social media represents your business, how you value your audience, and is part of the entire customer experience. In short, social media affects the way others, including other businesses, perceive your company.

Social Media Builds on your Marketing “Story”

Social media is a great way to engage the audience on a more personal and casual level and deliver unique content. Social media builds on the “story” that the rest of your marketing, such as a website or blog, is already telling; it’s just telling it in a different way. The best marketing on social media is carefully thought out and strategically planned to get the most out of it. The SEO Content Writer guru writes relevant, useful, or entertaining posts most aligned with a business, because research shows they have higher conversion rates. (Conversion rate is what marketers refer to as the rate at which a specific desired action is achieved, such as a newsletter sign-up or the buying of a product).

Writing Creative Posts are more likely to Go Viral

I express creativity in telling the story and many different aspects to enhance your product(s) or service on social media. Creative posts are vital to standing apart from the crowd and giving your business a unique edge. Remarkable creativity is what assists businesses to break through people’s wall of indifference to engage them. It is also the main driver of “going viral.” An overwhelming number of social media posts that succeed on a grand scale and go viral are the result of exceptional creativity and uniqueness. Quality social media posts are also most likely to get shared and liked. In addition to quality content creation of individual posts, I also make long-term strategies spanning different social media websites or numerous posts within the same social media site. Having a long-term content strategy is a wonderful way to keep your audience engaged and coming back. For instance, if your business is a family medicine practice, one way to hold the attention of your followers might be providing a brief summary of the latest research on a family medicine matter, such as flu outbreaks. There are a limitless number of ways to boost your business with creative social media writing and posting.

Knowing Prospects’ Wants and Needs is Vital to a Top Writer

As a professional content writer, I know how critical it is to understand the wants and needs of your prospects and customers. Today, businesses battle to get the attention of consumers. I research using leading marketing data and software, and have partnered with the best marketing and internet technology companies, to target the audience your business is most likely to convert.

Social Media Ads are a Great Addition to Posts

Social media advertising is one of the best marketing channels as it allows the choosing of the characteristics of your audience, such as age, interests and more. The SEO Content Writer guru has written very successful social media posts and advertisements, which includes tasteful graphics and images, to draw in the best to websites. You don’t have to do social media advertising to succeed in social media, but the option is there. You can engage and attract the best converting clicks to your website with quality posts. There are many different ways to use social media for your business, the best methods used depend on your goals and the type of service or product(s) you offer. Social media is a great marketing tool for any business and in today’s online environment, it is essential to SEO and to be above the competition.

Social Media Advances SEO

Social sharing and likes advances your website’s search engine optimization (SEO). Social media posts that are interacted with by “quality” friends, (not fake accounts), are weighty factors in SEO, because they build the online reputation and authority of your company. To raise your rankings on Google, Yahoo, and Bing, hire the best SEO content writer to post quality social media content.

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