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High quality SEO content is what achieves top rankings for websites when strategically implemented. It involves writing unique, relevant text. This guru takes SEO writing a step further and uses marketing data and strategies, and creative copywriting to be more effective.

SEO content writing is sometimes misunderstood. Some assume if you write text that is search engine optimized it will read poorly. Text that reads poorly is just bad writing, period. Whether intentional or not, the quality of the content is the responsibility of the writer. The best professional writers will not let others sway them into producing poor SEO content because they know it reflects on them and can damage their reputation.

The best writers for SEO are usually skilled in creating copy and are knowledgeable in marketing’s intrinsic purpose. I know how to capture attention, persuade and move people to action. The same bearings that work well in marketing also work well in writing for SEO. Let me explain.

First, some basic elements of SEO for a web page:

  • Meta title – only visible in the search engines or top browser bar
  • Meta page description – only visible in the search engines
  • Headline – visible title of the page, which may or may not be different than the meta title
  • Content – the body text of the page which may be organized in sections and/or subsections

In case there are any newbies: SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization.

The Best SEO Content Writer utilizes Copywriting Know-How

You may ask, how does copywriting, which is primarily used for marketing, relate to content writing and SEO? In short, a lot! When you search on Google, you will see listings of many companies; all of them vying for your attention and hoping you will click to their website. Sites, such as entertainment, news, service, product and other types, want you to click their link. After all, that is why they exist. Most people or organizations create a website because it is a public expression, to bring awareness to something, or to sell.

On a side note, I’ve never met anyone who didn’t want increased traffic to the website. If you know of such a rarity, please direct him or her to me. Perhaps, such a person holds a secret to the universe. Moving on…

Search Results Pages are akin to Marketing Ads

Essentially, what you are seeing on a Google results page is a series of headlines and copy which is akin to marketing ads. The ad contains the main headline and a brief copy section along with clickable contact information leading you straight to an organization’s or individual’s website. As an experienced and successful copywriter, I create meta titles and descriptions with high, above average, click-through rates to websites.

Aside from increasing website traffic with SEO content, the High Quality Content writer ensures visitors are relevant.

The website as a whole, if it is a business and their main interest is to sell and not be latent, is also an advertisement. Some web pages will be apparent advertisements, and they should be, because the business needs people to know they are selling something. For SEO and marketing reasons, other pages are created to be more informational in nature. They may explain the use or provide auxiliary industry information, among other topics.

This guru extends copywriting to the content within the pages, as well.

High quality SEO content will ideally be copy written, even if the pages were created to be more informational and are not the main site pages. The best copywriters know how important and effective it is to have your marketing and branding evangelized everywhere, even in subtle ways if necessary. This guru offers SEO content writing services that rank pages at the top of Google, Yahoo and Bing, and are also consistent with marketing and branding efforts without ever being obtrusive.

High quality SEO content copywriting, by the Word Pro Magne guru, is always appropriate to the page’s intent.

Top SEO Strategy employs Marketing

Businesses have to make a profit to remain alive. It is not recommended for a business to churn out pages without having a marketing strategy that determines why the pages exist. In the end, it is essential for most companies to acquire new customers. This high quality writing guru employs marketing strategies in developing SEO content that ultimately leads to greater customers. I do target market research and carefully chooses topics that attract people with a higher likelihood of purchasing your service or product.

High Quality SEO Content Writing naturally includes Keywords

High quality SEO content writing will include targeted and relevant keywords in a seemingly natural way. What that means is that a high quality copywriter, like the SEO guru, knows how to include keywords in the text in a way that it reads so natural you won’t even notice they are there. The jarring effect of forced keywords in a low quality page is simply just not present in this guru’s writing. The best SEO writing holds the reader’s interests at heart.

It is also vital the search listing “ad” be in harmony with the content on the page, otherwise the visitor will be disappointed and click back to the list. This causes a high bounce rate and waste of a click. High quality writing delivers on the promise and satisfies the searcher’s quest. In other words, what is stated in the “ad” is accurate and representative of the web page, in addition to being attractive. SEO doesn’t have to be tricky to rise a website to the top; it actually performs best when it’s aligned with the business.

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