Content vs. Copywriting

These days, the terms “content writing” and “copywriting” are being used interchangeably, even I do it sometimes. It may very well be that the definitions are changing or becoming blurred. This page is focused on the strict traditional definitions because, even if the terms are used synonymously, it is helpful to know what the purpose and use is of each.

Content writing and copywriting are different but sometimes overlap. When copywriting, the intention is to grab attention and reveal greatness. Copywriting can be done for the internet or offline marketing campaigns. The purpose of content writing is to attract and retain customers on the internet. Content writing and copywriting make a dynamite pair propelling persons to act. Either way, I write for the end reader, a patron or someone we want to convert to a customer.

My focus is writing quality copy and content. When writing content I excel in writing for the visitor and knowing how SEO (search engine optimization) interplays without letting it overwhelm or weather away the writing. I can also simplify the complex into something easily digestible; written with great clarity, insight, and engagement. As an accomplished copywriter, one of my strong points lies in my creativity.

Copywriting is succinct and vigorous as compared to content writing, which is a little below the radar. Both intend to provoke someone to take an action, but content writing is sneakier and lengthier. For the most part, content writing is informational but smart content writers stealthily include marketing, branding, and sales copy messages within the content.

High Quality Content & Copy Can Coexist

I know how effective quality content writing and copywrighting can be when tactically used together. Ideally, a business should use both in their marketing mix. Each has strategic advantages.

Whether to have content or copy written depends on the medium and the objective; some mediums will incorporate both. You need not worry about that when hiring me; I tailor the writing according to your medium and what is appropriate and best. Of course, much depends on your audience, your goals, and the context of the writing, that is, where it will be placed. These are some of the things I figure out by doing research and asking you questions.

If you need a high quality writing service for web content, ad copy, or other media outlet, email me by filling in the form on the page.

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