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This Guru offers excellence in writing quality content and copy.

I specialize in online marketing and writing that activates response and cultivates loyalty. With over 15 years’ experience, I’m a guru with a successful record in content writing and direct response copywriting backed and proven by real results. My search engine optimization (SEO) writing has consistently outperformed peers, increased rankings and ranked websites at the top, and boosted profits for numerous businesses.

My writing for online marketing is a product of combining marketing and sales techniques and theory, SEO, and unique high quality content.

I started this writing service because I noticed a need for targeted communication that is goal oriented. With a critical eye that has been developed over many years, I have seen many websites, blogs, social media, and other online and offline advertising and thought to myself ‘they could do better; they’re not realizing their best potential and reaping the most profit. They’re not putting their best foot forward.’

High quality content and copywriting service:

The High Quality SEO guru provides clear and targeted writing appropriate for the context and advertising medium, while also accomplishing goals and contributing to short-term and long-term profitability. I also know how to simplify very complex topics into easily digestible parts.

Ready to take your website or business to the next level?

Knowing how to identify benefits and differentiate a company from the competition for maximum impact is a skill I’ve mastered and acquired over numerous years.

I provide quality writing that sells and drives conversion or is purposeful to some end depending on the goal, is aligned with the brand, and interests and speaks to the target audience in a way they relate to most.

My quality writing service is geared towards maximum impact

  • Attracts and targets the best audience, holds their attention, and leads them down a slippery slope into action
  • What the best audience wants to know about your product or service
  • Raises search engine rankings; where it is best to rank so you get a better ROI
  • Goal driven
  • Aligned with the brand or the unique characteristics of the business (if the brand is still being developed, which is common among small businesses)
  • Promotes your business as a leader, whether it is service or product oriented
  • Customer-centric
  • Developed with an understanding of researched consumer needs and wants

It takes great skill to know the best delivery and just how much information to give that prompts a person to either dial the phone number or add to the shopping cart, if the goal is to increase profits (a.k.a. direct response marketing). For loyalty driven marketing, I take great care in producing content or copy to have long lasting effects and promote marketing and branding strategies.

Recent research has shown that high quality content writing can be a very successful tool in promoting a brand, communicating who the company is, what it provides and the “personality” of the business.

Get high quality content from an experienced and reliable guru writer. Inquire about my service and email me by filling in the form.

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