Why is Marketing Important?

To understand why marketing is important, it’s imperative to know what marketing is. Some confuse marketing with advertising. However, advertising is just one facet of marketing. Marketing encompasses all activities done to build a customer relationship between the consumer and the company.

Marketing includes:

  • Advertising
  • Sales strategy
  • Support
  • Market research
  • Media planning
  • Pricing
  • Market positioning
  • Public relations
  • Community interaction
  • Distribution
  • And more

Marketing is also not sales, it is the parent of sales. As the sales strategy is derived from the marketing strategy.

At the heart of marketing is strategy; strategy involves making deliberate choices. The colors, images and content on a website are chosen and thus what is not wanted is also chosen. Whether well-thought-out or not, every business owner or executive makes choices on how the service or product is presented.

Effective marketing is the result of making carefully considered decisions.

When writing a marketing strategy, there are many factors to consider, such as the longevity, stage of awareness for a product or service, and more. The writing of the marketing strategy can be based on a ten year vision or a strategy on how to move a seasonal or trendy product out fast. What is written depends on the business objective.

Business objectives that can influence writing and marketing strategy development:

  • Introduce a new product
  • Get new clients
  • Increase sales among existing customers
  • Build loyalty among existing clients
  • Establish your business as an authority in the industry
  • Get email newsletter sign ups
  • Sell off surplus
  • And many more

Marketing raises awareness of what your company offers. It embodies the way in which customers are gained. Marketing can change as the business evolves.

Some small businesses and sole proprietors underestimate the value and power of marketing, that is, until they have fully committed to it. When an effective marketing strategy has been developed and implemented and results are realized, entrepreneurs become firm believers of it.

Marketing is what is communicated in Writing, Images, etc.

To put it practically, marketing is the website design, content, ads, copywriting, prices, packaging, business cards, and what is communicated about the product or service and company. Everything a person reads and sees about your business is marketing an image about your company, what it stands for, and what it does.

Emotional Marketing in Writing and Images

Writing, graphics, and images are important because besides what they obviously say they are also communicating a feeling. Research has shown that emotional marketing is the most powerful form of marketing. Effective emotional marketing is also the most difficult to create.

In writing a page for a website, to be an effective emotional marketer, it is essential to understand and know the target market.

Copywriting, images, and taglines based on emotional marketing are compelling. Nike’s tagline, “Just Do It,” is a great example of emotional marketing that is still  effective, after 27 years (since 1988).

Target Market Defined and Example

Your target market is the customer most likely to buy from you, and thus theoretically the cost and effort of advertising to a group containing such persons are less.

For example, if you’re selling diapers, your target market would be new moms, either because they had a baby, adopted a baby or are about to have one. To be more effective, zero in on an age group concentrated with new mothers, ages 25-35. Targeting can become very acute. Suppose the diapers play the university roaring lion alma mater song when “activated” with liquid. Ok, that’s silly, anyway… The target market could be that particular university’s newlywed or pregnant wives.

Powerful Writing requires Target Market Perception

Knowing what a target market is, you can see how much more effective writing for a website, or copywriting for an ad are when references to the things or characteristics the target market values are included.

Suppose the market research data revealed the target market to be conservative, works longer hours, and wears jeans and t-shirts. Those characteristics and what the target market cares about is what to keep in mind. When writing you could mention the easy-on, easy-off capability of the diapers which saves a mother time. The writing can be of a conservative style. The image on the page could be a hard-working couple in t-shirts and jeans, and so forth.

When marketing, everything you say, every word you choose, conveys a message. When communicating directly or writing for the different marketing channels, like a website or ad, it’s important that the message remain consistent.

Whether realized or not, every business is marketing. The real question is, are they communicating the best message that propels the business forward?

Market research not only reveals the characteristics about your best prospects but it also reveals your top competitors and industry trends. Taken together, this is powerful data used to write effectively for any kind of medium.

A dramatic increase in sales doesn’t happen by accident. For most businesses, it is the result of a marketing strategy effectively communicated by writing of content,  images, graphics, videos, speech and so on. The more coordinated marketing efforts are across different customer touch-points, the more impact on the target group, and the more efficient your dollars will be spent.

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