What are the qualities of good writing?

Good writing shares some common characteristics but, online, the best goes beyond the expected usual share of information. Justice Stewart said of good writing, “I can’t define it, but I know it when I read it.” The definition of good writing can also differ between different forms of context, such as website content, blog, or ad. Everyone can agree that the best writing has purpose and accomplishes it.

Qualities of good writing:

  • Free of mechanical and grammatical errors. This rule can be broken and is by savvy copywriters in expressing creativity in advertisements, taglines and more. This blog is focused on content for a website. Copywriting for ads is a different ballgame.
  • Keen to the level of formality suitable for the reader, context, and goal. One of the many factors a professional writer considers is the formality appropriate to the target audience, such as an age group.
  • It has focus. It is not a pointless string of sentences. Content can have perfect grammar and be poorly written because it contains nothing significant.
  • It flows smoothly and is logically organized.
  • Creativity is one of the most defining features that differentiate the best writers. Creative writing gives insight, and express thoughts and ideas well and uniquely.
  • It does not confuse or bore your target market (e.g. audience), which is a very important factor. For instance, suppose there is a company that is a b2b (business to business) type specializing in supplying parts to a very specific industry sector. As a writer, it would be best to keep in mind the language and assumed knowledge known in the industry. It would be annoying for someone in the industry to read content on the website, seemingly written for a fifteen year old, containing unnecessary explanations or information that are a waste of his or her time.

The best writers do marketing research on the target audience. This arms a writer to create quality content containing topics attractive to desired readers, in addition to the right style.

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Quality Content Writer What are the qualities of good writing?