Good Writing Matters

Good writing matters because it’s the difference between getting more or less customers. Good design also matters but this blog is focused on writing. Both are creative expressions with varying forms of quality and appeal. They vary not just in general appeal but to what specific groups of people they attract. In other words, people have different preferences in language, topics, and the way they are spoken to.

Writing is a creative expression. The words and the way they are ordered are chosen, akin to a painter choosing colors. There are a million ways to express yourself and say something. The best writers are intentional because they know the power (and responsibility) held in words.

The best copywriting has long lasting effects as evidenced by long-standing taglines, such as Nike’s “just do it.”

People often re-visit websites because they like what they read. They like what was communicated with the words. They connected with the writer and found that perhaps they are both on the same page in terms of goals, viewpoints, or issues.

Words are as varied as colors and there are a countless number. Even synonymous words can have slightly different meanings or may be associated with different things, and that is an automatic process.  I doubt the color “Navy Blue” existed when we were cavemen and cavewomen, perhaps they invented the color “ash.” Dark blue is associated with a nautical lifestyle and items, yachts, etc. Dark blue has, over time, acquired the name “Navy Blue.” Perhaps, the association of dark blue with the word Navy started because the United States Navy uniforms are dark blue and they are “at sea” at lot.  In fact, if you search for the phrase “nautical colors” in Google images, you will find that navy blue is the primary color among the color schemes.

There is a science revolving around colors and the company Pantone is spot on in that respect. Linguistics is the  science for the study of language and its structure.

Just as we associate different colors with different things, such as the color mustard, the same phenomena happens with words. Though, the association of words with different feelings, concepts and things are more subconscious.

Language operates at a subconscious and conscious level, it is the foundation of culture. Humans learn culture through language and they are undeniably intertwined. A Wall Street Journal news story revealed that cognitive research proves language profoundly influences culture, the way people see the world.  As the news story points out, even as something as simple as saying “the costume ripped” versus “ripped costume” can have dramatic effects on the way people think about the same event.

In conclusion, good writing matters, quality writing sells.

Quality Content Writer Good Writing Matters