Evaluating a Content Writing Service

Evaluating a content writing service can be more complex than what it seems. Before you hire one, first, it is wise to decide on what channel the content will be distributed and the purpose of the writing. There are many different channels where content can be posted, such as a website, blog, industry site and more.

The content will achieve greater results if it is catered and suited for that particular channel. For instance, when writing content distributed on an industry site, such as a guest article, one should consider the demographics, style and audience of that site. Many websites, especially magazine and news sites, will have a media kit stating the demographics of their users.

Have a Marketing Strategy

Regardless of the channel, it is advantageous to have a marketing strategy or know what the purpose is and what you are trying to achieve by publishing content. This is probably one of the most critical aspects of content writing and yet some businesses ignore it. I’ve seen some sites actually lose higher quality traffic and gain unrelated and lower quality traffic (that doesn’t convert or converts at a much lower rate) because they mindlessly spew out content, just for the sake of publishing content. For your sake, please don’t do that!

High Quality Content is Important for SEO

This is most critical when hiring a content writing service for your website or company blog. Publishing a mass amount of content is not going to increase sales if it is not backed by a marketing strategy and does not attract the best audience. This is especially true in regards to search engine optimization (SEO). This is where the talents of an experienced marketing and SEO content writer are most handy and deviate from the rest.

I want to stress that: publishing mass content will not increase sales if it does not support your marketing and SEO strategy.

In fact, a lower number of high quality content pages will benefit a company more than a mass amount of low quality content. I recently wrote TWO high quality content pages for a fitness gym in Santa Barbara. They had very little and low quality content on their website prior to my hire. After the content was published to the site, two weeks later they were on the 2nd page of Google for the keywords targeted! With just a few more high quality pages they will be on the first page of Google. That is what a high quality content writing service from a guru looks like. (For an experienced SEO content writer, Local search results are a lot easier than results in a wide region, such as a state or nationally).

You get a lot more, a lot faster, and a lot better results from a high quality content writing service. Below are a few aspects you could consider before hiring a content writing service.

Which requirements do you want the content writing service to fulfill:

  • SEO strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Informational writing about the industry, service, product, or business itself
  • Impact/surprise effect in writing
  • Writing for entertainment, inspiration, or new knowledge
  • Promotional writing
  • Showcasing your expertise in the industry
  • Showcasing a product or service
  • Showcasing a particular aspect about the business, such as a new service, employee, or something your business excels in

Choosing the best channel and writing style depends on many things, such as your industry, service, product, channel, business/marketing strategy, target market, etc.

You could even try out, hire, and evaluate different content writing services to see which one you like the best and performs better.

In the end, the results speak for themselves. If you’ve been using a content writing service for a long time, and your sales have not increased then you may want to re-evaluate your content writing situation. The same can be said if you have an in-house team that has been writing content for a long time.

Feel free to browse my site and read about my content writing services. I also offer content strategy development if you prefer to have your in-house team write but need guidance in the particular topics, pages, content structure and writing. In addition, this writing guru is available for evaluation and editing of existing content or new pages written by your team. My quality content writing service expertise spans a gamut of print and online channel distribution, over fifteen years worth.

Quality Content Writer Evaluating a Content Writing Service