In a Digital World, How is Content Instant Marketing in Practice?

In an increasingly digitally connected world, everyone knows how important it is for a business to have content online. Website content legitimizes a business; it is as important for sole proprietors as it is for small to large businesses. However, it takes great skill to make to use of it strategically in marketing to satisfy the instant gratification demands of today’s internet users.

Businesses and organizations must serve high quality content in order to even be found organically on search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Over the years, Google has emphasized, again and again, that for a business to rank high in search engines they must have high quality content on the website. In short, high quality content serves the best interests of the customer.

You don’t need a million dollar budget

The internet search engines have evolved in such a way, that you can invest in high quality content to be found and to establish an online reputation. You can literally grow your business online.

I’ve contributed to the growth of many small to large businesses, many of which have come to rely solely on online marketing. I speak from almost two decades of experience; I’ve seen businesses grow dramatically due to high quality content and copy.

But you do need quality content

From a guru’s perspective, high quality content is really one of the purest forms of “instant” marketing. It can drive direct response marketing in the most targeted fashion. In a nutshell, someone types in a search term or phrase in Google and they are instantly served the information they are looking for. This is a huge leap in marketing, as today’s search technologies enable businesses to really fine-tune their marketing and target specific type of customers.

The internet is driven by writing

It goes without saying, to succeed on the internet every textual asset on your website, including properly named videos and content, should be carefully considered and crafted (with white hat know-how).

Today’s search engines are extremely sophisticated and can differentiate between low and high quality content on webpages, blogs and social media. You just can’t get away with carelessly writing web pages without thorough research, forethought, and consumer insight, anymore. Writing high quality content involves creativity, investigation, and employing time-tested and innovative online marketing strategies.

You simply can’t copy other websites or the online marketing strategies of other businesses and expect to succeed in the marketplace. Automatically generated content is also hugely cautioned against by all search engines. “Spinning” or regurgitating content is also a big no-no and something you have to be cautious of when paying for cheap services, as the search engines heavily penalize web sites with such.

Google does have a very brief article on quality and content guidelines available and is very good about announcing algorithm updates.

Quality content writing has come of age on the web

Internet technologies have forever changed the way businesses conduct their marketing and they continue to get more advanced as time progresses.

Google’s Penguin algorithm update penalizes and even un-ranked some sites for over stuffing pages with spammy links or black-hat SEO tactics. Google’s Pirate algorithm prevents sites duplicating competitor marketing content from ranking. Google’s Panda algorithm update further penalizes or un-ranks low quality content and unnatural or overuse of keywords. It will also lower your rankings for not updating your website or blog with fresh quality content. If you’ve seen your website’s organic traffic fall, these may be reasons why. Or, perhaps, your competitors are getting savvier in their online marketing and are providing more quality content. Therefore, taking more market share and what would have been your customers.

The upside is that if a business invests in high quality content rich site, as defined by Google and other search engines, it will cumulatively raise the rankings of your website. Having interesting, useful, and authentic customer-centric content on your websites and blogs will also make it difficult for competitors to knock down your rankings and they will lose market share if they don’t serve quality content.

You also don’t have to worry about search engine algorithm updates, because all search engines love quality content. They have stated that it is a leading factor for being ranked in top positions, and in some cases even ranked at all.

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Quality Content Writer In a Digital World, How is Content Instant Marketing in Practice?