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When online marketers speak of quality content they are referring to the writing, images, videos, and widgets on a webpage supporting the main topic. I’m going to focus on writing, however the underlying theory can be applied to other forms. I’m also going to give you practical advice on determining the quality of content and the writer.

First, a quick introduction on what it is in the broadest sense. You can read the general aspects of what defines quality writing all over the internet. There are an endless amount of online pages which pretty much come to the same conclusion on what quality content is, shown below.

  • Unique
  • High readability for audience
  • Well formatted and organized
  • Excellent grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • Sufficient enough to cover the topic in detail
  • Purposeful to some end
  • Ranks high in search engines
  • Relevant and timely

But what is Quality Content in a Practical Sense?

As you can see from this list, the content on many websites or pages can be labeled as quality, or so it seems on the surface. For instance, how do you determine what is unique if almost every web page on the internet is unique simply because it is not copied word for word, varies in length, style, writer and so on. What kind of uniqueness ranks at the top of search results and is deemed quality by Google?

Everyone knows that every time you do a search on Google, only one of hundreds or even thousands of websites is number one, and only ten results are on the first page.

Defining Quality is Complicated

Defining quality content is not as simple as it seems; it is much more complicated. The best answer I can give you is your customer is the one who determines if your web page is of high quality.

Meeting customer expectations and satisfying web visitors’ wants and needs can be a good gauge of the quality score of  a web page or blog.

On a side note… from a marketing perspective, exceeding the expectations of the customer to delight them is where you can gain a competitive edge and create loyalty to your company.

Let’s dive into the technical details of some of the metrics Google may use to determine quality.

Content Analytics

The time spent on a page is one way to determine the quality. For instance, when an online user searches for something on Google, clicks to a website and then reads it thoroughly, that may signal to Google that the page has satisfied the user. There are many unknown ways Google algorithms determine the quality of web pages, but using common sense can go a long way.

Google indexes and caches web pages. It may not be too far off to think that where the written ideas or concepts originated, where it first appeared in date and time, could be considered quality content. Any page that copies the original can be regarded as low quality. Linguistic analysis and text data mining can be used to compare how similar pages are.

Be determined to serve quality web pages and make deliberate choices to give the best value to the customer.

What is High Quality Content Writing as a Function?

To understand high quality content writing as a function, it’s important to understand what professional writing is beyond the bare bones definition of typing or applying pressure to paper with a pen.

Writing fulfills a purpose, regardless of the audience. A professional writer could want to entertain, inform, explain, and help the reader, among many other intentions. Writing well requires writers to understand why people may want to read their ideas, have a sense of what readers expect, and what is the customary style for that type of writing. Ideally, the context determines the tone and other aspects of the writing.

Quality Writing is an Act of Creation

Practically speaking, the best writing involves the ability to create original works. Thus, a writer needs to have new ideas to have original, fresh insight and communicate new perspectives or a new approach. This involves being able to think critically and have imagination.

Low quality writing can be regarded as reusing someone else’s ideas rather than creating something new and adding value. The best quality content is that in which the writer is offering an alternative solution, attempting to create new knowledge, or challenge existing views on the topic.

As a professional writer it is vital that what is produced be based as much as possible on facts or evidence. Opinions should be express as such. In other words, an opinion should not be expressed as a fact. Writing carries great responsibility in that sense. It is not moral to spread false or misleading information, and it can ruin the credibility of the writer or the organization.

At the Heart of High Quality Writing is Critical Thinking

Quality content communicates clearly and does not confuse readers. Clear writing is the result of clear thinking. Said another way, fuzzy logic and thoughts produce fuzzy writing. Critical thinking, while writing, results in higher quality content.

High quality writing, by a guru, involves being critical and creative, and articulating clearly.

Creating quality content for a company or organization involves conveying their vision clearly and showcasing their uniqueness. Quality content writing supports an effective marketing strategy for a business. Every company is unique in one way or another, for the High Quality SEO guru, it is a matter of researching and finding out what differentiates the company, service, or product.

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