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When evaluating marketing professionals on their SEO merits, there are several factors you can consider. Experienced experts know how complex SEO can be; the novice is the one who usually makes it sound easy and oversimplifies it.

Experienced SEO Marketing Professionals know:

  • Research needs to be done on search phrases to see what your company could rank on and which would have the most volume. The rankings of phrases vary in time and effort, depending on the competitiveness for each. To give you the most value, a phrase(s) should be chosen within your budget. Generally speaking, long-tail phrases are easier to rank on but get less volume. I use leading professional software and internet technologies to do my research.
  • The current state of your website needs to be evaluated, especially the content and hierarchy. Google, Yahoo, and Bing don’t inspect a sole page in deciding to rank it; they assess the website as a whole. The content and hierarchy of the writing on the web pages is one of the most important factors in SEO. The structure and formatting of the content writing and how particular pages are placed within the website affects not just SEO, but also the marketing goals and conversion rates.
  • The quality of the content needs to be very high. If the writing is regurgitated from somewhere, it will be considered low quality content. Copied content commonly contains synonyms and words and sentences that are re-ordered; it’s easy to detect by algorithms.Search engine algorithms are extremely complex and advanced; they know when content has been re-written from another source. In addition, Google employs over 55,000 professionals to police the web.Content that is regurgitated is also an inferior marketing strategy. The worst marketing a company can do is to sound like another website or the competition. If that is the case, then similar companies are only competing on price. For the most part, prospects go on the internet to research and if the only difference they find is price, the lowest price will win.Many companies selling really cheap writing services often spew out copied content. To test what I’ve heard others complain about, I secretly bought content from these companies advertising quality content for cheap. I was sorely disappointed when I received it. There was nothing unique about the content nor was it search engine optimized. I see now why many feel burned and dissatisfied with cheap writing services, especially when they don’t get any results, at all. In the end, buying cheap only feels good at the point of purchase and you think about the money saved. However, afterwards you feel discontented with the low quality of service and lack of outcome. The old adage, “you get what you pay for,” remains true.
  • High quality content contains unique marketing strategies. Professionals who write content, know SEO, and have a marketing background get the best results. Expressing unique marketing strategies in the content performs exceptionally well for high rankings and converts more visitors into buyers. A website does not just exist for rankings, but also to sell and get more customers. A website can be a valuable marketing tool. When written well, a website is akin to a 24/7 virtual salesperson.
  • Having low quality content will lower the rankings of your website, even if it exists next to high quality content. It is best to remove it, to improve rankings. Low quality content will also lower conversion rates, the brand image, and marketing viability.
  • It takes skill to write high quality SEO content. It is a type of professional writing unlike any other, and is well developed over many years. An expert can optimize writing without detection; it will sound and flow naturally and be completely unique.

There are other complexities to SEO, but these are the weightiest. Some companies express that writing a bunch of new pages is going to achieve your SEO goals. If SEO was that easy, everyone could rank on the first page after a week or two.

I have been doing professional SEO and online marketing work for over 15 years, since the start of the industry. I know how to accomplish top rankings and increase traffic. I have a successful track record across many industries for large to small businesses alike.

If you are looking for the best marketing professional who is an expert in SEO, you have found her. I use only the best research software and have established partnerships over many years with leading marketing and internet companies that trust me with their proprietary data.

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