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At Word Pro Magne, a high quality content writing service, you gain a guru who is reliable, committed and creative. My writing service is backed by over 15 years of experience in search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing. I have ranked countless websites at the top by using complex content, marketing, and keyword strategies and providing the best service. The Word Pro Magne guru has accomplished high quality copywriting for all types of businesses, from small mom-pop shops to large global companies.

I write distinctively

  • To attract, engage and convert the best customers.
  • Customer-centric.
  • High quality content to raise SEO rankings in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • For writing that differentiates your product or service from competitors and showcases it.
  • To raise the business’s credibility.
  • For content that is unique.
  • For your offering in the market-life cycle in order to employ top strategies in need-fulfillment and want-creation.

If you are in need of a high quality writing service, email me by filling in the confidential form on the right and I will respond ASAP.

Everybody knows having high quality content is essential to a business in the digital information age, but what is it? In the most basic sense, internet marketers refer to “quality content” as writing that is unique, communicates information that is easily accessible, and leads to a goal. The Word Pro Magne guru excels in reaching goals. A goal can be a sale, phone call, or being viewed as an authority on the subject matter, among others.

For instance, if you sell a doggie dating service, a webpage on dolphin mating will not attract the best customers. Having unrelated or low quality content on a website will confuse readers. In fact, a bad webpage can actually use up a web server’s resources and slow down a website, which in turn, can negatively impact SEO and frustrate visitors. Moving on to the good stuff…

High Quality Writing Service

My writing is aimed to pull in those most likely to buy the product or service, because engaging them is as important as stirring them to act. For a business, especially online, my quality content leads visitors to your website, especially the best. I know that the best visitors are those most likely to buy your product or service.

This guru’s high quality services include:

Aside from being search engine optimized, the High Quality SEO guru improves your online reputation and deeply connects with people.

Word Pro Magne writing is customer-centric.

I write to sway the best prospective customers to believe in the product, service, brand, business, or you as a individual proprietor and move them to buy, if that is the goal. If the goal is to have no goals, I must refer you to Oprah’s helpline or click here. (Yes, that link that leads to nowhere).

The SEO Writer guru makes quality copy that has a tone suitable for the audience or what the audience expects and/or allows from the industry or business. The tone can also be affected by the context.

As an internet marketing expert and guru copywriter, I can tell you that when I align a business well with what people want and expect, sales and profits grow. I write in a way that fits your business into their perception of an ideal service or product and what they want. This creates a greater bond and greater sales.

Providing the best quality writing with forethought and purpose.

There is an old saying, “what is behind the eyes is more powerful than what is in front of them.” This quote couldn’t be truer as it applies to writing. Reading transfers thoughts to another person. The quality of the writing will reflect the effort of forethought by the writer and skill in delivery. Depending on the quality, the content will either avert or convert customers.

This guru’s copy converts visitors into clients.

The writing on a website and anything intended for a customer to read is a voice for the business. What makes it even more significant is the fact that it is almost written in stone, that is, it has a certain longevity. It is unlike an employee who makes an error and it may be remembered by just one customer. Everything written can be read by a countless number of individuals.

Many variables are factored into my quality writing service to ensure it is of high standards. One factor is to demonstrate sound reasoning. As logical flaws can destroy credibility and make someone think, “hmmn, that doesn’t sound right,” or “I don’t feel right about this” or “This smells fishy. I’m not in the mood for fish. I’m craving Healthy Fried Fusion.”

I build trust with quality content.

A customer simply won’t buy from someone or a business they don’t trust. Search engines (e.g. Google and Bing) also won’t trust a business and as a result will not rank a website high, if it does’t have quality web pages. Over the years, Google, (who gets 68% of the market share), has consistently emphasized that having “quality content” on a website, blog, or other internet portal can make or break a business online.

Word Pro Magne’s service builds trust in the eyes of prospects and search engines. It can also build trust with other companies and news outlets. Other websites, including social media users, backlink to a website if they feel it is credible. My writing is credible, built on facts and industry and market research, to be useful and attract visitors.

The best writing for content or copy communicates well.

This guru’s quality writing service communicates to a greater extent, degree, and/or advantage. I answer the most pertinent questions a reader may be thinking, because it is vital. Unanswered questions can easily prevent someone from acting or may cause the person to turn to another business looking for an answer.

As a writer with a marketing background, I go beyond what is required to rank high in search engines to give customers what they expect from your business, what they want to know, what interests them and what sells them.

Ultimately, companies and entrepreneurs like to see their profits grow. My writing can accomplish this, but it does take some hard work, such as research on my part. Depending on the product, service, or purpose, I may research your competitors, industry, online search trends, seasonal and other various factors. In the end, you will get writing of the greatest quality for your business.

If you don’t know what articles or what kind of information will attract the best customers, that’s ok, I can do research and figure that out. I research and create new topics all the time.

Get high quality writing for a website, ad copy, or other media outlet and to know how my service accomplishes your goals, email me by filling in the form on the page.

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